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What our Employees say

How does it feel to work at SIGMA? Here are the answers from some of our colleagues.

  •  Max Ruttmann


    “Sigma offers me exciting professional challenges, a family-like working environment, and a flat hierarchy. These are for me the three important pillars that distinguish a modern employer today. People help one another as a team in carrying out the project tasks as well as possible. For me, SIGMA is an employer where I can contribute my experience and be continually challenged to improve.”

  • Sabrina

    “From the internship semester while I was at the university to the start of my career, I constantly received support. The flat hierarchies and relaxed working environment are keys to the open collaboration on the team, with the best possible project outcome as the result. SIGMA is an employer that both encourages and challenges its employees to dedicate their efforts and to contribute their experience to achievement of goals.”

  •  Florian Schmid


    “Although I didn’t have the ideal qualifications for the position, SIGMA gave me a chance. The relaxed working atmosphere and the team of young people ready to help made it easy for me to learn the ropes of the job.”

  •  Max Freund


    “I quickly became integrated into the daily work routine at Sigma. I also think the ever-present opportunities for advanced training/ongoing development are excellent.”

  • Christine

    “I appreciate that my position at SIGMA is not pressed into a rigid framework, but instead could be adapted to the changes at SIGMA (as a growing company) and in my personal life. I also like the friendly atmosphere on the team.”