SIGMA Process & Automation GmbH

Process automation is our DNA

Our Values.

Our values describe the SIGMA corporate culture and are our guidelines for our daily work. They have been developed as a team effort and reflect our interactions with one another and with our customers. The unambiguous statement of our values means that all employees at every location know what we expect of them — and what they can expect from SIGMA.

    • Quality and Effectiveness

      ... are defined in our company as striving for, tracking, documenting, demonstrating, and talking about top quality in all areas of our work. We clarify our expectations and do not hesitate to identify aberrations.

      We hire solely well-trained personnel, yet continue to train them regularly to ensure that they have the knowledge required to assure the desired level of quality assurance at all times.

    • Solidarity

      ... means putting trust in one another, helping and supporting one another, and being considerate of one another.

      We communicate openly and honestly with one another, keep our promises, promote team spirit, and treat one another with respect.

    • Sustainability

      ... means for us that we think and act economically, with foresight and a conscious use of resources.

      We build and actively maintain sustainable relationships by emphasizing fairness and goodwill. We plan our projects realistically in compliance with our own standards, which we never stop evolving.

    • Customer Orientation

      ... means for us that we recognize customer needs, always keep them at the forefront of our actions, and ensure customer proximity.

      Our counseling of our customers is oriented to their benefit; we communicate with them as our peers and secure innovations that are in demand.

    • Engagement

      ... for us means thinking outside the box, taking the initiative, and going the extra mile and even farther whenever necessary.

      We encourage self-motivation by creating positive general conditions, showing appreciation, and regularly giving and obtaining feedback.  We share our knowledge, lead with an orientation to strength, and adapt our leadership style as appropriate to any given situation.