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Talk to Experts: Your Contacts

Our team members are always ready to assist you with their expertise. Take advantage of this know-how for friction-free conduct of your project!

  •  Martin Spinnler

    Martin Spinnler

    Executive Management

  •  Andrea Spinnler

    Andrea Spinnler

    Executive Management

  •  Jochen Hasselbach

    Jochen Hasselbach

    Executive Management

  •  Liesel Grace Schaeben

    Liesel Grace Schaeben

    Assistant to Executive Management

  •  Yulia Kuhn

    Yulia Kuhn

    HR Director

  •  Michael Jerolimov

    Michael Jerolimov

    Business Development

  •  Claus Cayenz

    Claus Cayenz

    Sales and Quality Management

  •  Fabian Hein

    Fabian Hein

    Site Manager Goldbach

  •  Thorsten Barchet

    Thorsten Barchet

    Site Manager Penzberg / Landsberg

  •  Dr. Axel Thomas

    Dr. Axel Thomas

    Site Manager Dresden

  • Thorsten Fischer

    Thorsten Fischer

    Site Manager Marburg

  •  Hartmut Kratz

    Hartmut Kratz

    Site Manager Marburg