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Production Plant – Replacement of the Control System


Three Siemens TI505 controllers in the control system of a production plant were scheduled for replacement with two Siemens S7-400 controllers and the software used for the TI controllers was slated for transfer to PCS7. A further step was the installation of a new CIP station with CIP panel and the integration of the functions into the present control system using a new S7-400 controller. The entire modernization process took place over four phases. All conversions were carried out during the company’s non-production time. The overall conversion included the construction of ten new control cabinets, modifications to 41 previously installed control cabinets, and the dismantling of ten control cabinets.

Scope of performance:

  • Electrical planning
  • Read-out of the software from the current TI505 controllers
  • Preparation of function specifications
  • PLS software creation
  • Function test of the software in a FAT
  • Operational startup and implementation of the SAT
  • Preparation of documentation in accordance with as-built and GMP requirements

Supervision, management, and integration of:

  • Control cabinet construction
  • Wiring
  • Electrical installation



Project duration:

  • 30 months (with interruptions)

Number of employees involved in project: