SIGMA Process & Automation GmbH

Process automation is our DNA

Process Technology: Your Recipe for Success.

We automate your processes as well as handle the process engineering for you. Our engineers at our locations work to develop the planning for your processes. We always take a holistic view of your plant project as we seek to reduce the number of interfaces and heighten the efficiency of your production.

Besides preparation of tenders and procurement of the plant components, we participate in the plant design work and prepare the complete basic and detailed engineering, including the description of production-related parameters, processes, and production phases.

We create the formulas and batch reports with precise documentation of the technical specifications, test the software being used, and take charge of the plant’s operational startup. Here, too, our know-how in process engineering and automation ensures maximum efficiency. The qualification of the plant from concept to documentation rounds off the scope of our services in process engineering.

Process Technology
Process Technology

What we do for you:

  • Tenders and procurement
  • Preparation of the function specifications
    • Basic and detailed engineering
    • Review of and participation in plant design
    • Specific to the software (PCS7, TIA, S7, MES, etc.)
    • Preparation of formulas (SIMATIC Batch, InBatch)
    • Batch reports
    • Integration and coordination of package units
  • Software FAT and operational startup
  • Qualification
    • Counseling on qualification concepts
    • Preparation of test schedules and records
    • Conduct and documentation

Our vision: Everything from a single source

SIGMA has today already acquired the necessary skills for mapping all sub-steps ranging from a rough function description to software engineering and operational startup to the qualification of a process plant. Our envisioned goal for the future is to be the central point of contact for complete new construction and conversion projects, which will include these additional services:

  • Plant design
  • Preparation of piping and instrument diagrams
  • Tenders and procurement
  • Installation coordination
  • Simulation of the plant